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2009 - World's First Hurlacrosse Match

Ireland Lacrosse hosted the world’s first Hurlacrosse match at Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

2017 - World's Second Hurlacrosse Match

Darmstadt GAA hosted the world’s second Hurlacrosse match in Darmstadt, Germany. Since then, Darmstadt GAA hosts a Hurlacrosse match every 6 months with their local lacrosse team.

"We share our pitch with the lacrosse team, so it's easy to organise test matches if we combine our two training times." -Jakob, Darmstadt GAA

2018 - North America’s First Hurlacrosse Match hosted the world’s third, and North America’s first, Hurlacrosse match in Los Angeles, California, USA between the OC Wild Geese and Ireland Lacrosse.

2019 - Hurlacrosse at GAA World Games and Darmstadt GAA hosted a demonstration match at the GAA World Games in Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland

2019 - Hurlacrosse Los Angeles

On November 2, 2019, hosted a hurlacrosse match in Los Angeles between the OC Wild Geese and Concordia University Irvine, as part of Ireland Week 2019.